'Light in Our Darkness'

A book on the Biblical basis and practice of deliverance

About the book:

You will find the culmination of years of study, reflection, and practical experience. The reader is taken on a journey through Scripture, one where need and redemption are a common thread, going from Genesis to Revelation. The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ are central to this, along with how He opened up the way to an entirely new sphere of life.

Believers are invited to enter this new sphere, where they can experience Christ Himself, rather than the powers and forces of the past, influencing their lives and their futures. By throwing out the ballast of the past, the dark forces lose their power and influence.

The relevance of this theme and its practical application are also explained through a variety of testimonials from people close to the author. The proposed method for pursuing restoration and freedom emphasizes the grace, love, and greatness of God, and an overly rigid work method should be avoided. The book concludes with a perspective of perfect freedom in the glorious future kingdom of Christ.

Dr. Timothy Warner: "Few sources can compare to Sebrechts’ biblical probing of the subject with such competence."*

Em. Professor, Trinity, Deerfield; author of "The Essential Guide to Spiritual Warfare" (Warner & Anderson).
* Extract from the foreword.

About the author:

Bruno Sebrechts is a counselor and speaker with over twenty-five years of pastoral experience in several evangelical churches. He saw God at work, especially in the healing and deliverance of the most damaged believers. This book is the result of his extensive experience, profound study and deep reflection. The author is the type of minister who does not shy away from the reality of Gods power, without being caught up in a potential power play when exercising this type of ministry. A long term vision for the individual – not a quick fix – characterizes his ministry.